Mocca incorporates brand new design lines and commits to next-level solutions for your entire home

The growing acceptance of our company’s services allows us to tackle more ambitious projects intended to meet the needs of more and more discerned clients who demand exclusive solutions for their home.

Interior decoration, bathroom and dressing room designs are among the most popular concepts featured by Mocca during this season.

An increasing number of faithful customers have asked us to come up with comprehensive solutions for their entire home which will guarantee them a coherent result tailored to their specific taste and personal lifestyle.

We are proud to present our new design lines at our Mocca showroom in Conil de la Frontera. These innovative concepts are meant to awaken your senses immersing you in a perfectly balanced living space that speaks of superior quality and creativity where the elements work together to create a sense of wholeness. The final objective is to create a highly personal living space designed to reflect the personality of its inhabitants, thus invoking a strong sense of identification and belonging.

The new Mocca was presented to the public on Friday, July 8 of this year in an opening ceremony attended by family, friends and customers who wanted to show their support to Pedro Muñoz Alba for his new undertakings. The store manager took this opportunity to surprise the guests with a spectacular culinary show in which professional chefs prepared exquisite bites in one of the kitchens mounted in the exhibition. In fact, the show was such a success that we have decided to make our premises available outside of opening hours to anyone who wants to celebrate an event related to the world of cooking.